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Wrap Tray

Choose your Sandwich Wraps to create a variety tray.

– Veggie Wrap:
Spinach Tortilla, Chive Cream Cheese, Lettuce, Red Pepper, Cucumber, Mushroom, Cheddar Cheese

– BLT Wrap:
Flour Tortilla, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo

– Classic Wrap:
Flour Tortilla, Ham with Dijon mustard, Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese

– Malibu Wrap:
Spinach Tortilla, Turkey with Pineapple Cream Cheese, Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese

– Western Wrap:
Flour Tortilla, Roast Beef with BBQ Sauce, Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese

– Southwest Wrap:
Flour Tortilla, Chicken with Black Beans, Corn, Salsa, Sour Cream, Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese

– Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap:
Flour Tortilla, Seasoned Baked Chicken Tender with Ranch, Bacon, Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese

– Jerk Chicken Wrap:
Flour Tortilla, Jerk Seasoned Chicken Strips, Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese